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This plyo circuit is a progression from a workout I did a few months ago. I originally started with a loaded lateral step up onto a box with dumbells and jumped down into a burpee. The progression is a full jump over the bench, body weight only. I will eventually progress to a fully loaded jump with DB's over the bench. I followed this exercise with kettle bell swings, bottom squats with an overhead press and ended with some wall work to get more burn in my core and shoulders. Enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this combo ; )

Isolated Glute HIIT Circuit Combination

This circuit will focus on isolated glute work while keeping your heart rate up and burning extra calories creating a bigger afterburn affect (EPOC) Try to lift as heavy as possible for your hip thrusters and deadlifts and focus on speed for the HIIT exercises. Maintain the sequence! The speed skaters and squats will keep your glutes burning between lifting. 

Exercise order: Hip thrusters x 10, speed skaters x 20, deadlifts x 10, lateral shuffle squat 20x followed by a burnout set of squat jumps. 4 rounds total 🔥🔥🔥