"When my clients tell me that I have helped to change their lives for the better, I know I am meant to be here."  -Martha Wilkins

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Jamiah Prince

"I made several attempts to improve my physical health and get in shape but never stayed motivated to obtain lasting results. I had been following Martha's work and fitness tips on social media for awhile. I could tell that she was knowledgeable and that her clients enjoyed working with her. I promised myself if she ever came back to the Bay Area that I'd join her class. I remember she told me "This isn't like anything you've done. You will get results". That is exactly what I got and some. In the year and a half that I've been with Martha I've lost over 20lbs but gained so much more. I've discovered a new level of self confidence, self love and the results have stayed. I no longer feel lost or intimidated when it's time to hit the gym and I look forward to her class 3 times a week. Her classes are fun and you feel it the next day. I even referred a friend and now she's a client of Martha's as well. I believe that a fitness journey is an ongoing one and I'm glad that I have Martha to keep me motivated and focused. I wouldn't have gotten this far without her." 


Saunyei Knapp

"I joined F.L.Y. Athletics training after a friend gave Martha's program an excellent recommendation. Since joining, I have felt just as strong as I did in my early 20's. Martha holds us (clients) accountable for our diet/actions, yet she takes the time to listen and to mentor. Martha's delightful spirit and her passion for health and fitness makes for an awesome combination!"

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Krista K.

"Martha is one of the most well rounded trainers I know.  Not only has she helped me reach my fitness goals, but she has helped recover from injuries.  Every session is a challenge and is never the same.  She is invested in your training goals and will always be there to hold you accountable".